• You love to get feedback on idea’s from other professionals?
  • You want to explore new opportunities?
  • You like to learn new skills?
  • You like to work in a space with creative people?
  • You like to chat to open minded people?

You are at the right place: “Serendipity” is your thing!

Serendipity Club Kortrijk is a community of people longing for happy accidents to happen; a community that allows us to find that what we were searching for; a community for creativity and experimentation; a space to connect and grow!

It is a place where things happen that you didn’t know they could happen, join us today and become a rock star achiever of sustainable innovation.

How can we do this?
It is important that we foster a environment that allows us to connect, learn, find opportunities and grow and as such we pledge to make connections visible to each other using this platform.

In order to facilitate this we will make everybody a event organiser in our meetup system & organise frequent free events and seminars!

Rules of the game:

  • Create your meetup profile and join the group.
  • RSVP to events and share this through your social media network.
  • Join the FREE co-working (Parkoffice Kortrijk) and announce it through this channel by RSVP on existing co-working announcements
  • When no event exists for the day you wish to use (or are using) the FREE co-working (Parkoffice Kortrijk) create one yourself so others can jump in. Everybody will have Event Organizer roles assigned in order to facilitate this action.
  • Setup your own community events for all to join.
  • Share and come to our evening events
  • Have a open mind and enjoy the ride.

With a major thank you to our sponsors

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